Java EE & RDBMS Design

Springwave consulting services make it easy for clients and partners to design, build, test and deploy Java EE solutions. We have in-house expertise and our consultants have years of experience in designing and architecting enterprise applications on every level - from creating the relational data model through to designing the Java EE application using the most relevant and applicable open source frameworks.

Design & Development

Relational Design and Modelling

Springwave has extensive experience in RDBMS relational modelling and design. Our consultants can be placed onto projects to analyse the business and non-functional requirements, derive the database storage requirements, and then define the entity and physical database models using standard UML modelling techniques. Our consultants are highly familiar with industry standard modelling tools such as Sparkx Systems Enterprise Architect or Oracle Designer.

Where the storage requirements are particularly demanding, our consultants are equally familiar with the techniques and database design strategies required in the design of OLAP style data warehouses. Springwave will be able to offer advice on the best manner of populating such large data stores using ETL and mapping tools such as Informatica or Oracle Warehouse Builder.

Java EE Design & Development

Springwave solution architects are familiar with the very latest Java 8 Enterprise Edition and Spring frameworks, design patterns and integration strategies. Our architects are able to analyse the business requirements and utilise standard UML modelling tools to create the high level software architecture and design models. We can then work closely with your developers, leading them through the lower level detailed design and development phases of your project. Our architects are fully 'hands-on' and are always able to jump into the software itself to define core modules, or analyse and resolve key issues if required. Our consultants are used to the challenges of designing high volume, high usage, and high availablity appplications, and the technical challenges and solutions that can be deployed to meet these challenges.

Enterprise System Integration

Springwave can assist and advise customers in the deployment and integration of commerical off-the-shelf applications into their own pre-existing systems and networks. Deployment of such applications can vastly reduce the long term maintenance and development costs to support such a product and help realise a far quicker time to market.

Enterprise software integration can be one of the most challenging areas of any software deployment from an architectural viewpoint. The key challenges of performance, legacy technologies, data mastering, synchronisation and data timeliness need to be addressed. This is an area where our consultants can offer particular value with their knowledge and experience of the most appropriate and relevant integration frameworks and strategies (such as SOA, REST, ESB, EAI, Messaging, WebServices). This will help ensure that your application is optimally integrated into your enterprise architecture.

Development Methodologies

Springwave consultants can easily integrate into your project and are comfortable with a variety of established development methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, RUP or traditional 'waterfall'.



Springwave is a consultancy based in the Netherlands, formed in 2011.


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