Oracle eBilling 6.2

Utilise the power of Oracle eBilling 6 to present all your invoices online, streamline your business processes and reduce costs. With eBilling 6, it is possible to realise savings in invoice print fulfillment, pull users onto your portal to encourage additional cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and reduce your customer service agents workload.

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Springwave - The eBilling deployment experts

Springwave can provide excellent consultancy services in all parts of the software lifecycle for the deployment of Oracle eBilling 6:

Requirement Capture & Functional Design

Springwave consultants can sit together with your business analysts and end business customers to determine exactly what they want from an eBilling deployment, and offer advice on the best way to deliver this. In this manner, the requirement capture and functional design process can be carefully guided to keep as closely to an out-of-the-box eBilling deployment as possible. This will reduce the number of customisations that will be required to meet the needs of the business, minimising deployment cost and maximising ROI.

Support for Project Planning

Once the requirements are clarified, Springwave consultants can then assist and:
  • Identify any required eBilling customisations.
  • Highlight the associated work items that would need to be considered in the project planning to deliver the customisations and requirements.
  • Work closley with Project Managenent to offer high level development estimates with the resource profiles and time required to deliver all work items.
  • Based on their experience of previous eBilling deployments, Springwave consultants can ensure that all of the essential project activities are covered and accounted for in the project plans.

Technical Design

Springwave's technical expertise in all of the core eBilling development frameworks (such as Java J2EE, OWB, PLSQL, Velocity, Struts & Tiles, Spring and Hibernate) enable us to be able to offer expert advice on exactly how and where eBilling should and should not be customised in order to meet the business requirements. Springwave can offer detailed avice in the following areas:
  • PreProcessing. How can data be mapped from your own billing files into the specific format required by Oracle eBilling 6.
  • ETL Customisation. How and where the eBilling ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Load) process in Oracle Warehouse Builder can be customised and configured.
  • Custom Feature Integration. How and where the eBilling Online J2EE Web application should be configured.
  • Integration. How can eBilling best be integrated into your existing enterprise architecture. For example, to provide Single Sign On and a seamless user experience.


Springwave can offer advice on the crucial functional and performance test scenarios and plans that need to be considered when deploying an installation of eBilling 6. We can also offer advice on the most appropriate toolkits and testing approaches which can be used to carry out the testing.


Springwave can offer advice and recommendations on the supported hardware configurations, and how eBilling can best be deployed onto client's infrastructure.


See also how Springwave consultants can best coach your project team to ensure that your deployment of eBilling is a success.



Springwave is a consultancy based in the Netherlands, formed in 2011.


Springwave can be contacted by email at the address below

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E-mail : information@springwave.nl